Day 106

Mean Gene’s weekly day of little victories—Sunday—getting in the zone and doing all those small things that get brushed off until “later.”


Day 99

This Spring has been an exceptionally wet one. Still, MG is determined to hike up to a clear-cut he calls "Sunny Peak." He wants to check on one of his favorite mushroom hunting grounds.

Day 98

Mean Gene awakes to the song of the robins about 0430 this morning in one of his favorite places of all—Red River, Idaho. Watching the pre-dawn light illuminate the eastern skyline above remote yet inviting mountains, he faintly comprehends what a small worm he is in the bigger picture. 

Day 93

0300 hrs--Mean Gene awakes in recliner after trying to watch Asian movie "Warrior." (He fell asleep after ten minutes). Now he figures it impossible to sleep in bed, so might as well remain awake for rest of the morning.

Day 88

One part of Mean Gene’s survival plan is to find a nice spot (during the survival challenge), to simply lay low and be still. One thing that will help with that is reading. He tested out an old classic today...

Day 72

Owing to a somewhat sleepless night, and a cold, rainy one at that, once again stoking and tending the fires, Mean Gene is in a writing mood, so here is an entry a bit longer than average.